Calling All Prevention Professionals!

Researchers from innovation Research & Training, Inc. in Durham, NC have created a new online resource devoted to drugged driving prevention. We are now conducting a study to evaluate its usefulness in preparing substance use prevention and highway safety professionals to implement prevention strategies to reduce drugged driving in their communities.

About our drugged driving prevention training:

We have developed a two-part training – the first part teaches relevant background on the problem of drugged driving from a public health, safety, and legal perspective, including how certain drugs affect driving and how different types of state laws combat this issue. The second part of our training teaches strategic skills to plan and implement prevention initiatives to reduce drugged driving in your community.

About our evaluation study:

We have about 280 prevention professionals in the substance abuse or highway safety fields currently participating in an evaluation project to assess the effectiveness of this training and provide feedback. Of those with responses recorded so far, we have representation from several key sectors of prevention professionals, including non-profit organizations (69% of participants), government organizations (15%), schools (11%), and for-profit organizations (6%). About 2/3 of our participants have received some kind of drugged driving-related prevention training before, but many have not, a gap we aim to fill.

We are grateful for those participating and look forward to the results of this evaluation to improve our training resources and be responsive to the needs of this prevention professional community.

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